20 Gifts for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

These 20 practical gifts for entrepreneurs, founders, and small business owners are designed to make business life more manageable. Whether you're searching for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, or good luck gifts for new businesses, we've got you covered.

1. The North Face Tech Bro Vest

You’re not really a tech bro until you’re in uniform and this Apex Bionic 2 Softshell Vest from The North Face is part of the starter pack. This vest is a fantastic gift for entrepreneurs because it’s exceptionally comfortable and versatile for use in the office or outside. The Men’s Apex Bionic Vest is water-repellent, wind-resistant and has extra stretch for office ping pong matches. 

2. A RumbleRoller

If you’ve never heard of a RumbleRoller, it might be time to look into these handy massage tools. There’s no denying that many founders and small business owners find themselves behind a computer. Over time, that can impact a person’s physical health.  RumbleRollers are designed to relieve muscle pain and target deep tissue to provide a much-needed respite from strain. These rollers come in three sizes (compact, medium, and full). The two colors (blue and black) denote the firmness and density of the RumbleRoller, which ensures the user gets the needed level of massage pressure. 


All RumbleRollers are free of harmful chemicals, such as lead and phthalates, latex-free, and non-absorbent. This gift offers founders a much-needed solution to ease any physical tension.

3. Retro Sneakers

Some of the world has gone Allbirds crazy but some of us have gone retro.  It's tough to beat a pair of New Balance Men's 574 Core Sneakers for retro cool factor.  Thousands of reviews can't be wrong. More accommodating than the narrow racing silhouette, and more visually versatile than its visible tech-laden peers, the 574's formula of unassuming style and comfort have made the hybrid road/trail design a genuine all-time classic.  Comes in regular, wide and extra-wide.

4. A Drink Tumbler They’ll Actually Use

YETI Ramblers come standard with their YETI MagSlider Lid, the only drink lid that uses the power of magnets to keep your water, beer, or favorite drink on lock.  Their Ramblers are BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and have a No Sweat Design to make sure your hands stay dry.  Dracut is a durable coat of color that won't fade, peel, or crack through extended field use and also provide additional grip to the Rambler's exterior.  They over-engineered these double-wall insulated tumblers with an 18/8 stainless steel body, which means your drink still keeps its temperature no matter how much of a beating this cup takes.  

5. Business Card Holder

Relationship building is a crucial component of running a business, so a desk business card holder or a stylish portable business card holder are great gift ideas for entrepreneurs. 


A business card holder might seem understated, but they are handy and likely to get a lot of use by entrepreneurs pursuing a business venture. Moreover, cardholders are a great choice for business partners announcing a new promotion by showing off the updated business card information. 

6. A Standing Desk

Bring the fitness studio into the home office of your favorite entrepreneur with a standing desk. Height-adjustable desks are one of the most practical gifts you could get a small business owner. They offer the user a welcome respite from sitting on a chair all day. That mental change can make a huge difference in brainstorming sessions and help improve posture. 

If you’ve been looking for awesome gift ideas for someone who runs an online business, a standing desk is a great option to help get them out of their chair and let new ideas flow. 

7. Tile Key Tracker

A four-pack tile key tracker is one of the best gifts for entrepreneurs constantly rushing from one place to the next. By attaching tiles to essential items, this perfect gift could save entrepreneurs time from frantically searching for their things. 

The four-pack includes: 

Two Mate tiles 

One Slim tile 

One Sticker tile 

A tile key tracker is an excellent gift because you’ll be giving someone the ability to quickly find items like their keys, wallet, purse, or gym bag via Bluetooth or a Smart Home device. 

8. A Portable Blender

The VOLTRX is a premium blender and one of the best gifts for busy professionals. This high-quality blender lets on-the-go entrepreneurs make smoothies while driving to meetings or anywhere on the job. 


This blender will be a go-to for startup founders who are mindful of their health but don’t have the time or facilities to make smoothies when they want one. So, if you want your entrepreneur friends to maintain a healthy lifestyle, VOLTRX could be the tool to give them the foundation to do so.

9. Business Books

Business books are some of the best gifts for entrepreneurs because it’s the gift of knowledge. Whether they end up decorating a coffee table or a bookshelf, business books are personal gifts that offer advice to new entrepreneurs. 

E-myth Revisited by Michael Gerber is one book that can make a huge difference in the life of an entrepreneur.

If you are still not sure what book to buy, take a look at our Articles & Reviews.

10. Motivational Wall Art

If you’re searching for unique gift ideas for new business owners, office decorations are a great place to begin. Motivational wall art adds a personal touch to office spaces and makes people feel more at home. 

Framed canvas wall art is another example of personalized gifts for entrepreneurs. These can even be paired with a custom frame engraved with a company logo to suit the office decor of your favorite entrepreneur. 

11. Cool Coffee Mugs

Coffee. You need it. So if you're going to abuse your body working caffeine injected long hours, why not do it with a very cool coffee mug?  In fact, anyone could use a cool coffee mug that has to work early mornings. So if that gift accidentally made it's way to your kitchen cabinet, who is gonna know?

12. Bose Bluetooth Speaker

A Bose portable Bluetooth speaker is an awesome gift idea for new business owners. A portable speaker is a valuable tool for entrepreneurs because with Bluetooth connectivity, they can listen to their calendars and to-do lists hands-free as they conquer something else. 

Include a Bose Bluetooth speaker in a business warming gift basket to welcome new entrepreneurs to the maxim of working smarter, not harder. 

13. Motivational Notebooks

Motivational notebooks might sound cliche, but they have practical applications. This three-pack of motivational notebooks stacks beautifully on a shelf and provides the space to jot down ideas, goals, phone numbers, and doodles. 

Notebooks are a thoughtful gift for anyone starting a business because planning is essential to success. These black hardcover notebooks have the words grind, hustle, and success to motivate new business owners each time they glance at their shelves or turn a new page.  

14. Apple Airpods Pro

Stay connected on the go with Apple AirPods. These wireless headphones are one of the small business gifts that makes a big difference for taking calls hands-free or finding motivation from a favorite song. 

Apple AirPods have become a classic choice as a present. They’re perfect for anyone who loves podcasts, which plenty of aspiring entrepreneurs already likely enjoy. After all, there are so many amazing resources for business success that can be enjoyed with just a pair of quality headphones. 

Apple AirPods are also a top choice for people who work from home. These wireless headphones block out noise and distractions while giving you the freedom to move around during a good brainstorming session or a conference call. 

15. Smart Watch

A smartwatch like an Apple watch or Samsung Galaxy watch is one of the awesome things to get business owners who want to get more active or stay connected. With a wide variety of features, a watch is a perfect gift for someone who likes having information on hand at all times. 

Smartwatches are great gifts for CEOs because they streamline a person’s ability to view messages, their heart rate, step count, and more from the same place they check the time. These convenient watch gift ideas are an attractive reminder to keep track of time and ensure meetings don’t go over schedule. 

16. Dry Erase Board

No startup or entrepreneur's office is complete without a dry erase board.  Late night brainstorming and Business Model Canvas sessions are born here.  I see a lot of dinky sized ones online but that doesn't give you much space so I'm recommending the 48" wide version.

This white board comes with a magnetic surface and detachable marker tray.  Aluminum frame and ABS plastic corners for safety.

17. Portable Phone Charger

One of the worst things that can happen to a busy entrepreneur is a dead phone. So, portable phone chargers with built-in cables are thoughtful gifts that might be a veritable lifesaver for busy professionals wanting to save the battery life of their devices. 

The myCharge Portable Charger has an excellent charge compared to standard options. What’s more, it provides backup power, so new business owners never have to worry about missing a call.

18. Desk Zen Garden

The business world (aka your co-founder) can be stressful at times, so this desk Zen garden could be a welcome business warming gift to remind the receiver to take a moment to themselves amidst their busy work day. 

It can be hard to find a grand opening gift for owners of new businesses, but this Zen garden adds a personal touch to a new office. This gift features a small air plant and chunks of pink Himalayan salt atop soft white sand for a peaceful display that suits any office style. 

19. Portable Coffee Makers

Want to celebrate with a new business owner? Well, you can’t go wrong with some coffee swag. Some of the best gifts for entrepreneurs are portable coffee makers like AeroPress or a French press coffee cup.   

It’s no secret that founders and entrepreneurs have busy days and late nights, so having a convenient way to take a coffee break is a gift that’s bigger than it may seem. AeroPress uses gravity to make a perfect brew, while the portable French press lets you make (and take) coffee on the go in an attractive insulated mug. 

20. Ultra Wide Screen Monitors (49")

OK I have to throw in a big one.  There's no such thing as too much screen real estate when you are working long hours.  I've researched the best ultra wide screens out there and here are my top picks:


Great for gaming and work: 

Asus ROG Strix XG49VQ 49” Curved Gaming FreeSync Monitor 144Hz Dual Full HD HDR Eye Care with DP HDMI Black

4.4 out of 5 stars 614 ratings


Also just as good for gaming and work:

SAMSUNG CJ890 Series 49-Inch Ultrawide QHD (3840×1080) Computer Monitor, 144Hz, Curved, HDMI, USB-C, Height Adjustable Stand, 3 Yr WRNTY (LC49J890DKNXZA)

4.3 out of 5 stars 833 ratings



This LG provides more resolution, which frankly you really need when you are going that wide.  HOWEVER, this is strictly a work monitor because the refresh rate isn’t fast enough for smooth motion gaming.

LG 49WL95C-WY 32:9 UltraWide Monitor 49″ Dual DQHD (5120 x 1440) Curved IPS Display, HDR10, USB Type-C with 85W PD, sRGB 99% Color Gamut, Height/Swivel/Tilt Adjustable Stand – Black and Silver

4.3 out of 5 stars 211 ratings

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