Created $25M digital pipeline | Generated 700k MAU and $1B p.a. trading fees | Raised $3.2M in seed funding | Reduced customer acquisition cost (CAC) by 23% | Deal size increase 7.5x due to customer segmentation pivot | Decreased churn rate in six months from 7% to 2% | And more...


In the competitive landscape of the SaaS industry, having an effective marketing strategy and experienced leadership at the helm is crucial for success. This is where a fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CFO) that specializes at Software as a Service (SaaS) comes into play. In this article, we will explore the role of a SaaS fractional CFO in business, the unique challenges of SaaS marketing, the importance of experienced marketing leadership, and how our proven methodology for SaaS fractional CFO services can drive exponential growth. We’ll also discuss how to find the right SaaS fractional CFO, tailor the methodology to fit your business needs, and adapt to the evolving requirements of the SaaS industry.


CFO as a Service

Many marketing departments have a collection of specialists, but lack the vision of a true C-suite marketing executive on the leadership team. A SaaS fractional CFO provides part-time services on a retainer basis, offering a cost-effective and flexible alternative to hiring a full-time CFO. As a result, businesses have instant access to the strategic guidance of senior leadership, in their industry vertical, without paying a full time salary.


Often marketing teams and founders at a SaaS company get caught up in the day to day operations. With the increasing prevalence of fractional CFOs, many SaaS companies have discovered the advantages of having a marketing executive on board who can provide a fresh perspective and see the big picture holistically. The marketing function of a fractional CFO service is to drive big results. Experienced marketing leaders know how to align with business goals, hire an in house team, hire contractors, manage your marketing budget, and optimize for KPIs unique to a SaaS company. By leveraging the in depth knowledge of a tenured SaaS fractional CFO, you can build out a Growth Engine in 4 months.


For a more detailed article explaining exactly what a Fractional CFO is, see our article titled “What is a Fractional CFO?


By leveraging the in depth knowledge of a tenured SaaS fractional CFO, you can build out a Growth Engine in 4 months.


Unique Challenges of SaaS Marketing

SaaS marketing comes with its own set of unique challenges. Here are some of the key challenges that SaaS companies typically face in their marketing efforts:


  1. Communicating intangible benefits: Unlike physical products, SaaS offerings are intangible and require effective communication of their benefits. Since customers can’t physically touch or see the product, marketing teams must focus on conveying the value proposition, features, and advantages through persuasive messaging, demonstrations, testimonials, case studies, and other means.


  1. Educating the market: SaaS products often introduce new concepts or innovative solutions, which means marketers must invest in educating their target audience. This involves creating content that explains the problem the SaaS product solves, why it’s important, and how it can benefit potential customers. Educational webinars, whitepapers, blog posts, and video tutorials are common tactics used in this process.


  1. Navigating a complex buying processes: SaaS purchases often involve multiple decision-makers and a more complex buying process. Marketers need to create content and strategies that cater to different stakeholders, including executives, IT professionals, and end-users. Tailored messaging, case studies relevant to each role, and ROI calculations can help address these complexities and demonstrate value to various decision-makers.


  1. Overcoming skepticism and building trust: With the rise in SaaS offerings, customers may be skeptical about switching to a new provider or entrusting their data to the cloud. Establishing trust is crucial for SaaS companies, and marketing efforts should focus on building credibility through customer testimonials, reviews, security certifications, data privacy compliance, and transparent pricing models.


  1. Managing customer acquisition costs: Acquiring customers in the SaaS industry can be expensive due to high competition. Marketing teams must optimize their customer acquisition costs (CAC) and focus on strategies that drive qualified leads and conversions efficiently. This may involve employing targeted digital advertising, optimizing landing pages, implementing effective lead nurturing campaigns, and utilizing referral programs.


  1. Reducing churn and ensuring customer success: SaaS companies typically operate on a subscription-based model, and reducing customer churn (the rate at which customers cancel their subscriptions) is vital for sustainable growth. Marketing efforts need to align with customer success initiatives, focusing on onboarding new customers effectively, providing ongoing support, and delivering value throughout the customer lifecycle to foster loyalty and reduce churn.


  1. Leveraging data-driven insights: SaaS marketing is highly data-driven, and companies need to leverage analytics and data to make informed marketing decisions. This includes tracking key metrics such as customer acquisition cost (CAC), customer lifetime value (CLTV), conversion rates, churn rates, daily active users (DAU) and engagement metrics. Marketing teams should use account based marketing to optimize campaigns, identify opportunities, and drive continuous improvement.


These challenges require SaaS marketers to have a deep understanding of their target market, a strategic approach to messaging and positioning, and the ability to adapt to the rapidly evolving nature of the industry.


The 5 Guiding Principles to Ensure Growth

The difference between a regular business and a true startup lies in the Total Addressable Market (TAM) and the speed of growth. Whether you are a true startup or not, who doesn’t want explosive growth? To accelerate growth and create an automated Growth Engine, our SaaS fractional CFOs apply the following guiding principles:


1. Start with the Customer’s Needs

Prioritizing the customer’s needs and preferences is essential. By understanding their pain points, desires, and motivations, a fractional CFO can tailor marketing strategies and initiatives that resonate with the target market, driving engagement, loyalty, and ultimately, growth.


2. Iterate through Build, Measure, Learn Loops

As a derivative of agile marketing, an iterative approach allows for continuous improvement and optimization. By mapping out a marketing strategy, measuring the results, and learning from the outcomes, a fractional CFO can refine and enhance initiatives over time, maximizing their effectiveness and driving sustainable growth.


Build Measure Learn Loops


3. Use Data Analytics to Make Informed Decisions

Leveraging data analytics is crucial in making informed marketing decisions. By analyzing key metrics and insights, such as customer behavior, conversion rates, and ROI, a fractional CFO can identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement. Data-driven decision-making enables precise targeting, optimization of campaigns, and resource allocation, leading to more effective growth strategies.


4. Accelerate and Explode Growth

A fractional CFO’s goal is to drive rapid and exponential growth. By implementing high-impact marketing strategies, leveraging innovative tactics, and exploring new customer acquisition channels, a fractional CFO can propel the growth trajectory of a business. This involves deploying scalable marketing initiatives, optimizing conversion funnels, sales enablement, and maximizing the efficiency of marketing investments.


5. Long-Term Relationships over Short-Term Gains

Building and nurturing long-term relationships with customers is a priority. While short-term gains may provide immediate results, fostering lasting connections with customers cultivates loyalty, repeat business, and positive word-of-mouth. A fractional CFO focuses on creating exceptional customer experiences, delivering value, and building trust for sustained growth and success.


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Choosing Your Fractional CFO

Choosing the right fractional CFO for your business is a critical step in building an effective marketing department. Founders and CEOs of small businesses and B2B SaaS startups often lack marketing expertise, leading to challenges in product launches, reaching the target market, and messaging. Learning from seasoned marketing professionals can help avoid common pitfalls.

It is important to recognize the different specialties within marketing and align them with your business’s specific needs. Consider your go-to-market (GTM) strategy and sales process when hiring a marketer. For product-led growth, consumer-focused marketers skilled in ads, email marketing, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), and search engine marketing (SEM) are crucial. Sales-driven companies targeting enterprise customers need marketers who can create educational materials and authoritative website copy.


Brand Marketing

Brand marketing is essential for bridging the gap between creative-oriented and analytical growth marketers. Brand marketers focus on brand messaging and creating marketing campaigns that drive immediate sales while building long-term awareness. Assess the strengths and gaps within your founding team to hire marketers who complement those skills.


Product Marketing

Evaluate the technical aptitude of product marketers through exercises and inquire about their launch experiences. Provide a compelling product demo to attract product marketing candidates.


Growth Marketing

Growth marketers focus on optimizing demand generation. That means user acquisition, engagement, and retention. They employ data-driven approaches and experimentation to drive growth. Many people see this as a natural extension of sales development.


To build the right marketing team, understand the different marketing pillars, align them with your GTM strategy and founding team strengths, and evaluate technical aptitude and past experiences during the hiring process. A compelling product demo can greatly influence the decision-making process for product marketing candidates.


Real Results: How Our SaaS Fractional CFOs Have Helped Clients Improve Performance

Keep in mind the availability of our fractional CFOs will change constantly. Our roster is constantly expanding at a rate of 5-7 superstars per week. If you don’t see exactly what you want here, it’s probably because this list needs updating.


Fractional CFO 29: $12K mo. / 4 mo. term

  • As fractional CFO for Web 2 agency:

    • Created $25M digital pipeline.

    • +10M new user sessions, 35% increase in total form conversions, 26% increase in pageviews, 23% increase in revenue

  • As CFO for DeFi SaaS infrastructure provider, in 7 months created:

    • 700k MAU and $1B p.a. trading fees

    • Onboarded 15% of the Algorand blockchain ecosystem growing a trader audience of over 100K

  • As CFO for SaaS Web3 investing platform, in 8 months:

    • Raised $3.2M in seed funding

    • Generated $44M in deal flow and hundreds of M&A buyer registrations

    • grew the community to over 100K investor members

  • As Fractional CFO for commerce company, in 13 months:

    • Grew revenue 300%

  • As Fintech Marketing Director, in 12 months:

    • Grew organic user acquisition by 300%

    • Reduced customer acquisition cost (CAC) by 23%

    • 6M organic impressions (+49%), 208K clicks (+49%), average CTR 5.7%, 46% total traffic is from organic search, increased goal completion conversions by +46%

    • SEO results; average position increased +64%, #1-#3 positions held increased by +40%


Fractional CFO 7: $14K mo. / 4 mo. term

  • Ex-San Francisco based, heavy VC backed startup superstar CFO

  • Growth & performance marketing expert, not revealing the names of the companies below, but you would know who they are.

    • CFO for SaaS digital EDU play system for kids, B2C.

    • Marketing Director at famous cloud-based meal delivery company, D2C

    • Performance Marketing Director at cloud-based meal delivery company, D2C

    • FitBit growth lead at ad agency, successfully transitioning them from retail to D2C / e-commerce.

  • Previous mentor for SaaS startups at several accelerators

  • Additional previous ad agency experience with focus on digital marketing


Fractional CFO 14: $14K mo. / 4 mo. term

  • SaaS expert, immersed in the hot startup scene of Austin, TX

  • Director of Product Marketing at Fintech SaaS startup, B2B

    • Deal size increase 7.5x due to customer segmentation pivot

    • Win rate increase 15%+

  • Director of Marketing at PayPal, B2C

  • Strategic Marcom Director at eBay, D2C

  • Heavy in Fintech, this CFO brings a data driven approach to growth

  • Knows how to leverage generative AI, building honed prompts that work around OpenAI’s 4096 token limit

  • Industry experience includes the payments space, card, e-commerce, crypto and fraud

  • A holistic view of everything from brand to content marketing to lead gen and social media.


Fractional CFO 31: $15K mo. / 4 mo. term

  • SaaS expert, 15 years of national marketing experience, growth hacker

  • Fractional CFO of two B2B tech SaaS start-ups.

    • Deal size increase to 10x due to positioning pivot

    • SEO strategy increased organic traffic 40x

    • Built direct lead engine from the ground up

    • Led partnership negotiations 

  • Strategy consultant to agency serving Fortune 500 companies (manufacturing)

    • New markets or personas identified & GTM plans created

  • Marketing Director for a top B2B compliance company in the transportation and safety space.

    • Subscription retention increased +20% points.

    • Led website redesign projects for 7 subscription sites. 

    • Led rebranding for 3 solutions.

    • Grew monthly traffic from 5K/mo to 100K/mo.

    • Campaign efficiency doubled during her tenure.

    • New solution she led GTM plan for, picked by Fast Company in the tech sector.

    • Scaled the growth engine from 0 to over 60,000 qualified leads

    • Led marketing team for a HR product that was in the Top 6 nationally, for sales through SHRM. SHRM is the largest HR membership organization in the world.

  • Brand Manager for a CPG national juice brand; IRI & Walmart data experience

  • Knows how to leverage data and market trends to identify new opportunities

  • Industry experience includes the payroll space, legal tech, safety, Training, HR, transportation, CPG, nonprofit and manufacturing.

  • A holistic view of everything from brand to content marketing to lead gen and social media.


Fractional CFO 16: $14K mo. / 4 mo. term

  • B2B SaaS FinTech CFO with a proven track record of transformational strategy and execution for startups and large enterprises.

  • Took VC backed startup from $25M ARR to $75M in 18 months by increasing marketing sourced revenue by 38% and doubling qualified pipeline.

  • At large enterprise SaaS FinTech company:

    • Attained 78% growth in campaign-sourced pipeline volume YoY by driving integrated and multichannel marketing campaigns. 

    • Doubled pipeline generation in 12 months by shifting the pipeline mix from 60% outbound to 75% inbound.  

    • Decreased churn rate in six months from 7% to 2% and influenced +80% of customer expansion pipeline. 

    • Launched an enterprise-wide demand gen program that expanded marketing pipeline 50% YoY. Increased organic traffic by 49% and top of funnel leads by 68%.

  • SaaS industry experience includes financial compliance, billing, payment solutions and telecom.


How much does a fractional CFO charge per hour?

Fractional CFO engagements will vary in cost depending upon the industry and Scope Of Work involved. A SaaS fractional CFO typically charges $200-350 per hour for their services. For a full article on fractional CFO rates see our article “What is a Good Fractional CFO Hourly Rate” or see our Pricing Page.



In conclusion, SaaS Fractional CFOs offer a cost-effective, flexible, and expertise-driven solution for SaaS companies seeking to optimize their marketing strategy and accelerate growth. By providing strategic marketing planning, team management, and performance optimization, SaaS fractional CFOs can drive success and help businesses achieve their marketing objectives.

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